Introduction Of The Expo

China(Ordos) International Cashmere & Wool Conference and Exhibition isthe only international cashmere and wool professional Expo sponsored by China Chamber of International Commerce in our region at the moment. With two sessionsbeen held already, it achieves distinct effects on pushing the whole industrychain development of cashmere and wool and promoting innovation in productionand technology. It is also an active practice to implement Chairman Xi’ s “EnvironmentPriority & Green Development”

2018 China (ordos) International Cashmere & Wool Conference And Exhibition

Exhibitors from US, Germany, France, Portugal, Belgium and Holland etcattended the Expo. Totally 222 exhibitors, 172 of them from domestic market, and 52 of them from abroad. 534 purchasers participated in the Expo, amongthem,   414 from domestic and 120 from abroad. The total covering area of theexhibition reaches to 20 thousand square meters with 248 booths. Totally 80 thousand people visited the Expo, on-site sales reached 4.42 million RMB,   and signed contract value reached 330 million RMB.

2019 China (ordos) International Cashmere & Wool Conference And Exhibition

Taking the theme of “Premium Cashmere Excellent Craftsmanship”, the 2019 China(Ordos) International Cashmere and Wool Expo covering an display area of 20thousand square meters, with 328 exhibitbooths, highlighted more on diversification of activities, internationalization, precision of exhibitors, pluralization of display products and exquisite services. Besides well-known industry associations from domestic and abroad such as ChinaNational Textile and Apparel Council, CCMI(The International Cashmere and Camelhair Manufacturers Association) etc, government or industrial leaders fromcountries like TheUS, Britain, Germany, Japan, Pakistan, Iran, Mongolia, Mali, Nepal, France,India, Australia, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Tanzania, South Korea, Mongolia, etc were alsoinvited to attend the Expo. Domestic exhibitors came from Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai,Dalian, Qingdao, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hebei, Ningxia, Shandong,Liaoning, Shanxi, Xinjiang and inner mongolia. 510 purchasers from domestic and abroad were on the Expo for purchasing, and 229 enterprises took part in theexhibition with approximately 100000 people visited the Expo. On-site sales volume reached 14.6 million RMB and signed contracts value broke through 700million RMB. During the 16th China Expo Industry Summit Conference·2019 China Conference and Exhibition Elites Meeting, “China(Ordos) International Cashmere and Wool Conference and Exhibition” won the “Oscar Award” in China Expo industry, and was honoredwith“2019 the most influential brand in Expo industry in China” ; one dozen plus foreign TV stations reported in detail of the spectacular events during that Expo, which not only created positive effects to present China(Ordos)International Cashmere and Wool Conference and Exhibition to the world but also functioned substantially in responding to the national strategic development and protecting international trade and cooperation rules, in promotion development of cashmere and wool industry and integrating enterprises resources for foreign economic and trade exchange and cooperation.

Sponsor Unit:
China Chamber of International Commerce
Undertaking Units:
Inner Mongolia Council for the promotion of international trade
Ordos Municipal People’s Government
Co Organizer Units :
China Fashion Association
China Animal-products Marketing Association
China Wool Textile Association
Implementation Units:
Ordos Council for the promotion of international trade
Dongsheng District People’s Government
Operation Unit:
Yatai Oriental Exhibition (beijing) Co.,Ltd

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